AscenTrust Energy Project

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    The strategic partners and consultants of AscenTrust, LLC.

    • Form a network of professional with hundreds of man years of experience in providing information to start-ups and growing small and mid-sized businesses. In addition to providing business consulting services we have strategic partnerships and Joint Ventures with several project financing groups, providing comprehensive services and project funding solutions. We aim to provide access to experts in project management and provide our clients with the most advanced financing solutions, sourcing unique funding alternatives through capital markets and major banks for challenging situations.

    • Individually specialize in certain areas of project management and financing, forming a loose network of specialists covering a wide landscape of the business world. The group offers the experience and capability of a team that regularly work on some of the most challenging and complex projects around the world.

    • Maintain a network of highly experienced advisers, outsourcing to specialists where and when necessary and maintain a network of funding resources for capital projects in many industrial sectors – industry, commercial, education, health, energy, transport, tourism, etc. Together with our international capital markets associations, we can advise on all aspects of financing including the investment grade and non-investment grade markets under both common law and civil law systems.

    • In addition to advising on traditional project finance structures have developed increasingly innovative financing solutions for major projects. We are fully familiar with all forms of bank and capital markets financing. We have substantial experience in consulting and outsourcing expertise on projects that combine different forms of structured finance techniques.