International Diversified Financial Services, Inc



    IDFS, INC. (International Diversified Financial Services, Inc.), an existing Texas corporation, in good standing, wholly owned by the Founder and Principal Engineer of AscenTrust, LLC.,will be registered with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and will be the financial arm of the Project. As the funding moves forward IDFS, Inc. will open a Trust Account in a major Bank in Ghana, acceptable to the funding Group. IDFS, Inc.will be the financial corporation which will be the holder in Trust of the financial instrument issued by the Government of Ghana.

    mPower Ghana, Inc. will be formed, registered and domiciled in the State of Texas, USA. In addition it will be registered with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre. The corporation will have the ownership structure required by the Government of the Sovereign Nation of Ghana to act as the owner and operator of the power plants and the infrastructure, etc.

    The mPower Ghana Alliance, Inc. will be incorporated in the Sovereign Nation of Ghana and will have a corporate structure acceptable to the funding group and the Government of the Sovereign Nation of Ghana to monitor the funds as they are being used.

    Management Team of IDFS, INC.
    Joseph David Fournier: President and C.E.O.

    Joseph Fournier, B.Sc.E.E.,M.Sc.E.E.

    Over 25 years of Progressive Upper Management experience in: Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, Research and Development, Operations, Start-ups, Manufacturing, Engineering Design of all types of Energy production Facilities, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Construction, Software Development and real estate development which includes:

    Business Planning and Development               Strategic Planning

    Capital Acquisition                            Incorporation, Corporate Law

    Asset Management                               Capital Improvement

    Marketing and Sales                            Purchasing

    Market and Sales Analysis                                   Marketing Management

    Financial Analysis                                                   Accounting

    Financial Management                                          Business Law

    Human Resources Management                        Operation and Analysis

    Operation Management                                         Multi-Site Management

    Time and Motion Analysis                                    Multi-Project Management

    Logistics                                                                   Supply Chain Management


    Over 30 years of Project Management Experience in diverse industries and multi-million dollar projects including, but not limited to:

    • Power Plant Design and Construction
    • Management of every phase of the LNG supply chain
    • Infrastructure: Water, Sewer, Fiber-Optic Cabling, Electrical Power Distribution
    • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Construction Projects
    • Nuclear Power Plant Development and Research (Patentable Research in fourth generation Nuclear Power Plant Design)
    • Water Retention and flood control using water as a temporary levee system (Own part of this patent and working on extending the patent to absorb energy from the Tsunamis
    • Research and Development in Gas Turbine Technologies including closed cycle
    • R&D in Superconducting Transmission Facilities
    •  Software Development (A/I Rules-based diagnostic medical Software of my own design and implementation)
    • A/I Research


    Mr. Fournier has over 40 years of electrical engineering experience in the field of commercial and industrial plant design, construction and plant start-up.  Responsibilities include conceptual engineering detail design, short circuit studies, load flow studies, coordination studies for fuse, circuit breakers and relay setting, substation design, control schematic design, PLC design and programming in addition to project management and coordination, man power forecast, project scheduling, cost estimate and specification writing.

    The following list indicates a few of the electrical engineering skill sets acquired by the Senior Engineer in his professional career

    • Design of PCM equipment (First generation)
    • Design of FM multiplexing equipment for T-1 lines
    • Design of highly redundant systems for telemetry on oil-pipelines
    • Design of a National Telephone System for the Country of Tunisia
    • Design of large vertical electric motors- H.P. up to 5000hp.
    • Design of high-voltage transmission facilities up to 144,000 Volts, 3-phase Y and Delta Systems (underground and overhead)
    • Design of underground and overhear power feeds to minor subdivisions and shopping centers
    • Load Analysis for residential, commercial and Industrial buildings
    • Design of Natural gas turbine generation : up to 171MWe
    • Design of Combined Cycle Power Plants, up to 650 MWe
    • Design of Co-generation Power Plants: up to 100MWe
    • Design of Natural gas steam turbine power plant: up to 650 MWe
    •  Load analysis for co-generation facilities


    Over 30 years of experience in Civil Engineering Design and Implementation Including:

    • Project Design, Project Engineering  and Permitting of subdivision maps in the State of California and State of Texas
    • Design and Engineering of streets: curb and gutter, concrete and asphalted streets.
    • Design of surface and underground drainage facilities for minor and major subdivisions.
    • Design of flood control drainage in co-ordination with minor subdivision map
    • Design of surface water detention facilities in Montgomery County, Texas
    • Research and development for flood control system for the River Plantation flood District
    • Research in water utilization in regards to flood control and retention of flood waters to recharge the aquifer. In Montgomery, Harris, Travis, Jefferson and
    • Site Design for several Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects on Lake Conroe


    Design and construction of re-enforced concrete structures:

    1.  monolithic cast-in-place

    2.  pre-stressed and post tension tilt-wall and hollow core planks

    • Design and build concrete foundations with drilled piers. Up to 50,000 Sq. ft.
    • Design and build concrete foundation on concrete driven piles
    • Design and build composite members: floor trusses and roof trusses both in wood and in steel.
    • Design and build elevator shaft and two-hour partitions in commercial buildings.
    • Design and build bulkheads and breakwaters.
    • Design complex Levee Systems
    • Design and Build wood-framed structures up to 4 stories
    • Designing High-rise Structures: in steel and concrete

    Mr. William Jones: Secretary-Treasurer

    An accomplished professional with broad experience in Asset Management and Business Planning.Experienced in P&L responsibility and accountability. Successful in management of operations and projects, with strong experience working as part of joint sales/project teams in both domestic and international arenas.

    William C. Jones is a business consultancy and part of a project financing group, providing comprehensive services and project funding solutions.  We aim to provide access to best expertise in project management and the most advanced financing solutions, sourcing unique funding alternatives through capital markets and major banks for challenging situations.

    The worldwide group specialises in certain areas of project management and financing. The group offers the experience and capability of a team that regularly work on some of the most challenging and complex projects around the world.

    We maintain highly experienced advisers, outsource specialist expertise where necessary and maintain funding resources for capital projects in many industry sectors – industry, commercial, education, health, energy, transport, tourism, etc.  Together with our international capital markets associations, we can advise on all aspects of financings including the investment grade and non-investment grade markets under both common law and civil law systems.

    In addition to advising on traditional project finance structures, our  outsources experts have developed increasingly innovative financing solutions for major projects. We are fully familiar with all forms of bank and capital markets financing.  We have substantial experience in consulting and outsourcing expertise on projects that combine different forms of structured finance techniques such as:

    Many years of experience in handling problem real estate assets. Have been involved with the management, leasing and disposition of single-family homes, condominiums, condominium conversions (fractured assets), land loans, shopping centers, mix-use projects, office and industrial buildings, (flex space), time share projects, RV Parks marinas, hotel condominiums, and agriculture properties.

    Experience includes Project Management or Executive oversight of projects in the areas of Asset Management, for private and government clients.  Demonstrated ability to deal with highly diverse cultural, national and business styles.Excellent written and verbal communications skills. Sound professional attitude, high energy level and strong work ethic with pride in personal accomplishment.

    Member of the Board of Directors of Land and Sea Enterprises, Inc. with an emphasis on Labor relations and U.S. government interface for the R&D for the Pebble Bed Nuclear Project.

    Consultant on a variety of projects: Natural gas-fired power production, Refinery projects in Louisiana and Ghana, Natural gas Liquification project in Louisiana, etc.  Familiar with every aspect of Private Equity Funding and Asset Management.

    Since 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season have been working with a number of federal, state, local and non-profit organizations. Responsible, through a working relationship with the President of the foundation, for the redistribution of over one million people from the central Gulf coast area to acceptable location elsewhere across the United States.

    Involved in a series of economic development  activities related to business re-location,  industrial growth, home building, or other types of construction activity centered around job creation within metropolitan area and small towns of Louisiana. Worked with the Louisiana Municipal Association as well as other stake holders in Southwest Louisiana.

    Provided a number of risk management services for the company and several client companies.  Worked as a team leader in the Risk management division. As team leader was responsible for the management of intricate business continuity management plans, facilitate relationships between project teams and customers/ client companies, and balance the competing demands of scope, time, cost, and quality associated with projects and the funding process.

     Contract specialist for Southwest Plan working for Resolution Trust Corporation the FDIC and other state and federal agencies. The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) was a United States Government-owned asset management company run by Lewis William Seidman and charged with liquidating assets, primarily real estate-related assets such as mortgage loans, that had been assets of savings and loan associations (S&Ls) declared insolvent by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) as a consequence of the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s. It also took over the insurance functions of the former Federal Home Loan Bank Board.