Project Management

    Over 30 years of Project Management experience in diverse industries and multi-million dollar projects including, but not limited to:

    • Power Plant Design and Construction
    • Infrastructure: Water, Sewer, Fiber-Optic Cabling, Electrical Power Distribution
    • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Construction Projects
    • Telecommunication: Broadcast radio and television, telephony, etc.
    • Oil and Gas projects: Offshore and Onshore
    • Nuclear Power Plant Development and Research (Patentable Research in fourth generation Nuclear Power Plant Design)
    • Water Retention and flood control using water as a temporary levee system (Own part of this patent and working on extending the patent to absorb energy from the Tsunamis
    • Research and Development in Gas Turbine Technologies including closed cycle
    • R&D in Superconducting Transmission Facilities
    • ¬†Software Development (A/I Rules-based diagnostic medical Software).
    • A/I Research