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mPower Earth | AscenTrust LLC

mPower Earth

    The mPower Earth initiative is a collaborative humanitarian effort to solve major global problems which threaten the survival and sustainability of third world Nations. The initiative was created as a direct result of the Super-Typhoon which passed over the Philippines in November of 2013.

    At this time the mPower Earth Project is in it’s infancy. As funding begin to flow into the mPower Philippines, mPower Ghana, mPower Imo State, etc., portion of the funding will go to the mPower Earth Project.The following is a short list of the projects which we are considering:

    • Weather Modification to reduce the formation of hurricanes and Typhoons The project will initially consist of a study of the interactions between ocean currents, wind currents and the Coriolis forces caused by the earth’s rotation. The Founder and Principal Engineer of AscenTrust, LLC. believes that hurricanes and typhoons are born in the zone of these interactions.
    • Carbon Sequestration in the Ocean This project will consists of the creation of bio-rock from the sequestration of carbon dioxide in the ocean.